Turn browsers into customers.

You want to get your brand, product or service onto a new customer's shortlist and keep it there as they progress to purchase.

SHAREIGHT can help.

We have three main products which combine to create a unique solution:

Branded Content

Shopping Portal

CSS Activity

This combination targets potential customers across the consideration phases: as they start to explore, to get your brand on their list; as exploration turns to evaluation, to keep your product on the shortlist; when the purchase moment arrives, to ensure you are the winning brand.

Frustrated that your market share is lower than your brand awareness promises?

It's a common problem that customers seem to disappear between claimed purchase intent and actual purchase.

Our research shows that brands spend most of their budget on the extreme ends of the customer journey; they create awareness before prospects are in market and push deals & offers before prospects are ready to transact. But they’re largely absent in the critical passive, then active consideration phases where purchase decisions are made.

Creating brand preference in the customer's mind is the key to capitalising on your existing activity.

We'll help you maximise return on your existing investment.

Your ROI is our business

Digital marketing is a competitive and fast-moving environment and we understand how difficult it is to accelerate performance and maintain brand value at the same time. We'll help you deliver on both your ROI and your brand KPI targets with our proven, 3-phase approach:

Trusted by giants.

We've built a winning combination of key partnerships and integrated technology to help hundreds of brands access new audiences simply and easily. Consumers now want recommendation over price and our brand-enhancing solutions deliver on this, with results that speak for themselves.

Our promise is simple:

  1. ACCESS - unique network of leading media and shopping centre partners

  2. DELIVERY - immediate and hassle free

  3. RESULTS - over £100m in brand-safe sales for our clients